Clear Vision Strategic Program

We live in a world of accelerated  innovation. Organizations that take advantage of transformative IT solutions will realize exponential cost efficiencies while supporting their business with durable, resilient, and high performing solutions.

Our Clear Vision Strategic Program provides the data-driven results organizations need to make responsible, informed decisions for IT transformation.  Our three step process includes:

Phase 01: Enterprise Discovery and Assessment
Members of the Nuvalo Management and Engineering team will work with your key stakeholders (in both IT and the business) to understand current state, desired state, risk and readiness. At the same time, we will conduct an audit of current service contracts.
Phase 02: Clear Vision Program Development
Using our automated tools and knowledge of the current market place we develop a current state overview, with recommendations for modernization tied to TCO for infrastructure, security, network and unified communications.
Phase 03: Clear Vision Executive Workshop
We conduct a collaborative workshop where we walk you through our current state findings and modernization recommendations. With each recommendation we provide benefits, risks, market analysis, and an overview of the technology, all of this tied to supporting your business.

The result of the Clear Vision Strategic Program includes faster adoption of new technologies, and, as a direct result, greater business competitiveness, productivity, and innovation.

Clear Vision Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Nuvalo realizes that organizations embarking upon the cloud journey are often overwhelmed and need clarification as to the benefits and performance of cloud solutions. Nuvalo encourages our clients to implement an MVP program that proves out the benefits of cloud and provides a functioning instance as a foundation for growth.

Also of great importance is an Executive Readout that produces an overview of the level of effort and costs of the MVP, along with a roadmap for future cloud expansion.  We have found that both of these outputs provide the evidence needed to obtain executive buy-in and funding to support cloud transformation.

Infrastructure Modernization

At Nuvalo, we work as trusted advisors, helping our customers with their modernization journey.  We are tenured practitioners with a track record of helping organizations transform while minimizing risk. We also take into consideration trending technologies that balance risk and encourage early adoption of technology, setting the stage for long-term growth and scale.

We take into consideration factors that impact IT, like sunsetting technologies and the elimination of technical debt that can be debilitating to an organization.

But remember, it isn’t all about technology. Organizations have to transform their processes and their people. We work as change agents and help organizations move through modernization while focusing on all three areas.

Our approach includes:

  • Providing our clients a view of their current state in the form of data-driven insights.
  • Research and education of the market and available solutions through our market research group.
  • Recommendations tied to business requirements.
  • MVP capabilities giving our clients confidence in innovation.

Global Service Provider Sourcing

Organizations can no longer keep up with the pace of innovation.  At Nuvalo, we have access to some of the top market analysis on all providers of infrastructure, networking, unified communications, security and more. This pertains to cloud, colocation, and onprem solutions along with the services to support them. Information is updated on a daily basis – allowing us to provide our clients with choices they may not have even known they had.

Our services include going the extra step and helping our clients through the RFP process, something that can be daunting.  In the end, we ensure success and save organizations hours of research and optimize your modernization investment.