Expense Management + Cost Optimization

As part of our Clear Vision Strategic Program, we have developed a comprehensive, web-based platform that allows you to make data-driven decisions through the use of analytical insights. This lends to more informed management of your IT enterprise assets and spend while providing the information for enhanced support of:

  • Contract Negotiations and Management
  • Vendor and Procurement Management
  • Network Design and Management

IT as a Service (ITaaS)

We are more than happy to take on your grind and let you focus on your business.  Our IT as a Service solutions allow your IT team to become more strategic while we manage mundane daily tasks and issues.  Through our ITaaS offering we help you:

  • Manage and optimize your technology stack for efficiencies and cost effectiveness.
  • Re-engineer your corporate processes to support new applications and technologies.
  • Manage your vendors and vendor contracts with data-driven insights.
  • Eliminate exposure of security threats through strong security planning and program deployment.
  • Manage your employees and clients through modern help desk services.

Security + Compliance

Security Program Development

A program without a plan is really just a wish. With security threats on the rise, it is imperative to have a well calculated and designed enterprise program.

From desktop to cloud, Nuvalo’s security solutions provide expertise to create an effective information security program, help clients define, discover and protect their digital assets. Our security solution creates a flexible information security program that reduces risk and accelerates innovation.

Cloud Security

For the longest time, security has been a limiting factor for organizations looking to move to the cloud.

With policies and controls in the forefront we ensure that your infrastructure is secure and your data and applications are protected.  Nuvalo provides traditional, next gen, and hybrid frameworks derived from your vision, realities of the existing infrastructure, and the requirements that drive new lines of business. This all while ensuring critical systems are protected and meeting your organizations security requirements.

We help you significantly reduce attack and breach dwell time using the latest in dynamic deception technology without increasing false positives or adding additional headcount.

Compliance + Remediation Services

Nuvalo understands the importance of rigorous compliance.  We work closely with you to avoid risk and adhere to regulations that are inherent to any IT transformation program. Upon completing our compliance assessment we help you maneuver regulatory mandates and align them with industry security and compliance frameworks for hosted environments.