Last week, I attended VMworld, looking to learn about VMware’s IaaS offering updates and how they are positioning their dedicated, shared and DRaaS offerings.

VMware ‘hybridity’ offering

VMware claims they are entering the IaaS market at the perfect time, helping enterprises that have vSphere on-premise cloud seamlessly extends applications offsite using the same platform and toolset. The “hybridity” term they’ve coined is, according to VMware, not to be confused with other public cloud providers who are merely offering you a second cloud environment. Not surprisingly, they have devised a competitive, easily digestible and well thought through upsell go-to-market strategy that is worthy of evaluation by every company that has vSphere in its infrastructure. It’s still too early to tell from an execution standpoint, but I suspect we will start hearing feedback from early adopters.

Having pulled off one of the largest and most intensive industry conferences this year, VMware engaged audiences with an assertive roadmap and extensive product portfolio, along with a plethora of name changes announced this week, most notably vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) to vCloud Air, and vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) to vRelease.

Among the many updates were products in their beta offerings (like on-demand IaaS), what is generally available, such as vCloud Air (shared or dedicated virtual private cloud) versus future products coming down the pike.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the open-source platform cloud framework associated with the VMware spin-off was another instrumental part of the show, woven into many of the sessions. Pivotal was the 1,400-person division that spawned from EMC and VMware last year to focus on the Cloud Foundry (CF) open source PaaS movement. So not surprisingly, Pivotal-CF has a key place in the VMware suite and story. And as the lines between IaaS and PaaS continue to blur, I suspect this will only grow.

All said, it was a fantastic opportunity to forge relationships with VMware executives, product managers and channel managers whom I can call on as opportunities arise to assist IT organizations that want to evaluate this software giant’s one-year old (but rapidly maturing) virtual private cloud (VPC) as well as the increasingly popular cloud management tools. VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) strategy is coming into focus and the company will continue to be a force in the market.