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Recently, a panel of futurists, technologists, and IT industry pundits met to share their views on what the future of IT could look like. Going well beyond 2014, their predictions spanned the decades to come as well as having covered what could happen tomorrow. Here are some of the new trends that could emerge in the days and years to come:

  • Increased local storage. Recent revelations of widespread government spying could drive increased interest in local storage, since data that is controlled by the end user isn’t in a data center where the NSA or other agencies can tap into it.
  • New hiring models in IT. With roles in IT organizations constantly changing, IT and corporate management teams may need to focus on empowering employees to constantly innovate and evolve as opposed to trying to constantly hire and re-hire staff that has the “skill of the day.”
  • Shrinking, smarter smartphones. Today’s smartphones might be at the vanguard of technology, but technologists see two changes coming to the sector. First, virtual keyboards could enable them to have different form factors. Second, better voice recognition technologies could change the way that users interact with them.
  • Data center localization. Even with the increase in personal storage, demand for data center space is likely to continue to grow. In an attempt to meet the growing demand, data center providers may move to model that features more data center locations that are closer to their end users.
  • Blurring lines. As IT becomes a more important part of organizations, the lines between development and operations is likely to continue to blur. When IT advances get built into every business process and those business processes inform what the IT team does for the business, the collaboration helps to drive better results.