Managed Service Providers offer high touch services that go beyond the level of service of a public cloud offering of a hyperscale cloud provider like AWS, Google or Azure. Organizations contemplating a move to public cloud should be aware of what is really being offered. A hyperscale provider offers bare metal infrastructure needed to run a public cloud environment; however, it is up to the customer to fully manage this cloud. Some refer to this as “going naked in the public cloud.”

Some cloud shoppers who sign up for a public cloud package get buyers remorse when they realize what they have purchased is not a full service option. The heavy lifting required to manage one’s own public cloud infrastructure is not easy. It is time consuming and can be risky, if you don’t have the right expertise. Fortunately, a good solution comes via the managed service provider (MSP).

MSPs such as Hosting, Datapipe or Rackspace, will be the buffer between you and the public cloud, providing services that make the jump into public cloud an easier decision, such as security, maintenance and upkeep, and expert guidance.

With services like enhanced security, real-time monitoring, threat detection, encryption and systems hardening, an MSP can ameliorate one of the biggest concerns about public cloud – security. In addition, MSPs can lend expert guidance about which workloads belong in the public cloud so you can migrate and manage workloads with confidence. In addition to ongoing maintenance, MSPs can provide the around the clock support needed for emergency or after-hours assistance.

By working under service-level agreement (SLA), MSPs are legally bound to ensure stable working public cloud environments. This is why many MSPs offer 100 percent uptime guarantee. With the day-to-day management of cloud environments taken off the plate of in-house IT, your skilled staff can focus on more meaningful projects to move the business forward.

Most importantly, MSPs can save time and reduce risk when it comes to bringing services to market. By ensuring all backend processes are in order, businesses launching applications and services can avoid the unanticipated performance issues common when running one’s own environment. If you’re contemplating migrating to cloud, don’t go running naked into the public cloud. Be sure to check out the packages offered by MSPs.

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