If you haven’t interviewed for a job in a decade or more, things have changed – a LOT! For example, you could be asked to conduct a video interview, provide links to your social media accounts/website or even provide some sample work to prove you’re qualified. 

What hasn’t changed much is the need to follow up with a thank you note to interviewers for the opportunity to meet with them and to apply for the job. The difference today is that you’ll most likely send your thank yous via email. 


Today’s thank you emails have a few advantages. By sending via email, you can get your message out right away, in case the hiring manager wants to make a quick decision. It gives you a second chance to remind the employer of your qualifications and include any important points you may have left out during the interview. In addition, you can send a link to your website, LInkedIn or other site that contains detailed information you wish to share. Be sure to follow up right away! 


If you are interviewed by multiple people within the organization, be sure to ask for business cards so you can thank each interviewer individually. Don’t forget to customize each letter to include details from each discussion. Taking notes during each session will help you recall those details. 

In addition to saying “Thank you”, this is a sort of “closing the deal” as in a sales pitch. You can use the opportunity to remind the employer of your exceptional skills and qualifications. Address any topics that the interviewer didn’t ask. Use this format to address any issues or concerns that came up during including any question you feel you may have inadequately answered. Keep your message succinct and to-the-point.  



  • Obtain business cards from each person you met so you can personalize each note. Don’t just send a form letter. 
  • Send Thank You notes promptly, within 24 hours of the interview 
  • Use professional email address that contains your first/last name. If yours is a vanity email address (rockstar@gmail.com), add your name in settings (Jane Doe | rockstar@gmail.com) so the hiring manager doesn’t accidentally send your thank you to his spam folder.   
  • Subject line should include the job title and “thank you” to ensure that the hiring manager sees your email and knows what it is about. 
  • Reinforce why you are a good fit for the job, use keywords from the original job description 
  • Include links to your website and/or professional sites 
  • Proofread for mistakes, grammatical errors — spellcheck if you must – to avoid sending poorly written messages 


  • Be a cyberstalker. A thank-you email and a follow-up about a week or so after your interview will suffice. More than and you’ll be doing yourself a disservice and risk being labeled a nuisance. Remember, you want them to want to hire you. 
  • Share personal social media accounts that may contain inappropriate photos and/or behavior, offensive jokes and the like.   
  • Send messages with typos/spelling/grammatical errors. Get a second set of eyes – someone with impeccable writing/editing – to proofread your note before it goes out. 

Sending a well-crafted “thank-you” email right after your interview isn’t just good etiquette, it gives candidates a second chance to reinforce the good impressions made during a meeting. It keeps you at the “top of mind” as managers head into making the final decision. It demonstrates that “your momma taught you right” and that you have the requisite communication skills the employer is looking for in an employee. 

Here are tips for writing a strong thank-you email, including a template that you can tailor to suit your needs.  

Subject: Networking Engineer | Thank you 

Email Message: 

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: 

I enjoyed meeting with you about the Network Engineer position at ABC Company. The position appears to be an excellent match for my skills and experience. 

In addition to my qualifications, I will bring to the organization strong management skills, proactivity, and the ability to encourage teamwork. 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to meet with me. I am interested in working with you and look forward to hearing from you regarding this position. 


Your Name 

Your Email Address 

Your Mailing Address 

Your Phone Number 

[Your LinkedIn URL] 

[You Website URL] 

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