On April 11, Nuvalo published an industry report titled “The Rules of Cloud Sourcing,” to assist CIOs, CTOs and enterprise infrastructure architects, IT directors and purchasing managers to effectively select the right cloud service provider for their organization.

Manon Buettner, author of “The Rules of Cloud Sourcing” report and Nuvalo’s principal, is an accomplished infrastructure architect, data center and cloud analyst and practitioner with more than fifteen years of experience designing, selling, and implementing cloud solutions, data center selection and migrations, and network enablement for mid-market and enterprise businesses, as well as for telecom and service providers.

“The topic of selection criteria for IaaS inspires me because in my practice, I always begin by explaining to prospective clients, the nuances of selecting the most appropriate cloud service provider,” said Manon Buettner. “The competitive landscape is changing so rapidly that selecting an ideal partner is a daunting and intimidating task. In this cloud report, research analysts and co-authors, Jo Peterson, Michelle Hyde, and Liana Antanovich and I, describe the cloud types, how to use 6 selection criteria and 100 specific questions to choose a cloud service provider, and 4 ways to source the cloud.”

This report drills down into key IaaS provider selection criteria so you understand the technical underpinnings and strategic implications that can affect your business. It is intended to instill the confidence in IT decision makers and purchasing managers so that they can use this document to quickly answer basic questions about IaaS selection criteria, such as:

  • What are the various IaaS models and how does each model function within our current business structure?
  • How important are certain IaaS selection criteria for our business workflows?
  • What are the ways for my business to source cloud services?

Download report.