Women in the workforce are often the glue that holds teams together. From hosting strategy meetings and meeting deadlines to planning a retirement celebration, it’s no doubt that women bring their can-do attitudes to work every day. Consummate multi-taskers, whether she is a CEO or the leader of a household, women have their own unique leadership styles.

While we won’t ever truly know whether leadership qualities are learned or inherent, it’s a fact that mothers are often the very first leadership role models we have. From the time we are young, our mothers were shaping who we would become as adults. We learn a great many life skills: how to communicate, how to make friends, how to mentor – even the mamner in which we answer the telephone may be attributable to our matriarchs.

As leaders, we are fearless, ambitious, cautious, tireless, learned, resourceful, inspirational…  There are so many adjectives that describe how we lead, and how we continue to grow as leaders. The women in our lives, whether they are mothers or mother figures, should be celebrated every day. This month, we honor these amazing ladies on their national day of recognition, with a few words of gratitude from the Nuvalo team.

Nuvalo CEO. Manon Buettner, who has amassed sales success while building relationships, attributes her strong sense of resilience to her mother. Manon’s resourcefulness and resilience have carried her throughout her career and into the role of growing her own company.

Principal, Infrastructure Services, Tony Giampaolo, thanks his mother for imparting the tenacity with which he manages clients’ data center, cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Being tenacious is what makes Tony a stalwart ally when it comes to designing infrastructure and negotiating contracts on behalf of clients.

Principal, Strategic Staffing, Michelle Kirkpatrick echoes the sentiment about her mother. “She taught me to never give up, never take no for an answer, and that mistakes are learning opportunities.” Michelle owns these characteristics as part of what helps her succeed in the competitive field of IT staffing.

Senior Recruiter Noreen DelNero credits her mother for teaching her to be independent and to create her own success. These attributes are fitting as Noreen is the person who just “gets it done” at Nuvalo.

Marketing Consultant, Suzie Won learned that you can attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. Her mother’s always kind disposition is something she tries to emulate every day.

Are these some of the qualities you look for in a friend/vendor/consultant/colleague? We can attest that these words and our staff are kid-tested and mom-approved.

To Moms everywhere: Happy Mother’s Day, with sincerest appreciation for all that you are and all that you do!

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