By Michelle Kirkpatrick

Principal, Strategic Staffing, Nuvalo


Recent ransomware attacks such as Petya/GoldenEye and WannaCry reveal how vulnerable even the largest organizations are to the increasingly urgent and fluid threat environment. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, causing greater damage, with an uptick in frequency, and if the world’s largest organizations aren’t safe, neither are you. Further aggravating an already critical situation is the lack of security professionals to go around.

According to Gartner, those with a security skill sets enjoy a zero percent unemployment rate! The demand for highly qualified information security specialists is exceeding the available talent pool. “Changes in cybersecurity will require new types of skills in data science and analytics,” says Gartner.

With the demand for security professionals rapidly outpacing supply, hiring these rare individuals is an even tougher challenge. Nuvalo is equipped to support our clients who require security professionals on a project/contract basis.

Since inception, Nuvalo has introduced clients to their ideal service providers. Today, we work with more than 100 Managed Security service providers, and our scope has grown to include consulting and staffing services such as:

  • Permanent & project/contract-based talent placement including CISSPs
  • CISO-as-a-Service
  • Security and regulatory compliance management and remediation
  • Expert review of risk assessments and consultation on risk mitigation prioritization
  • Independent advice on third party risk management

For real-time staffing needs, companies are turning to Nuvalo to address the critical talent shortage and build their individualized security program.

For more information about Nuvalo’s new Strategic Staffing Services, email or call 877-968-8256.

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