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The 2013 State of the Enterprise Cloud report offers some interesting insight into the application of cloud services at the business level. This whitepaper publication from Verizon is marketing tool for their Terremark module, but still provides data that most businesses will find useful. Cloud computing is transcending from its initial flash into something more stable and mainstream.

Report Data Compilation

Verizon looked inward to compile data from January 2012 to June 2013 in order to evaluate cloud adoption and usage. The findings provide an insightful look at where this technology is going in the business world, and how companies are implementing its functions. The data indicates that cloud technology is at a tipping point. Organizations are past the experimental stage and now find the service essential – showing growth spurts in key areas.

How Cloud Service is Booming

Verizon examined some focal points in this technology to show a clear and steady pattern of growth. Overall, companies working in the cloud have increased their investment by 45 percent. This breaks down into several different categories.

There is a 35 percent increase in the deployment of virtual machines. A virtual machine is a module of software applications that run programs like a computer. The advantage is the ability to create and tear down VMs at will – providing a scalable base.

The use of cloud technology for storage is on the rise, as well. The report states growth of 90 percent in this area. Part of this process is the migration of critical applications to the cloud. This opens up their usage potential and provides a greater measure of security in case of disaster. Back office operations with high storage needs also account for 23 percent of the growth spurt.

Line of business managers are expanding into the world of cloud technology, too. Companies are purchasing their own cloud services to cut out the intermediary. This represents a major shift in thinking for medium and large enterprises looking to work more efficiently.


The study shows not only are companies utilizing cloud technology to fortify their existing systems, they are expanding on what is available to create new business solutions. These organizations accept the benefits of working in the cloud for both efficiency and cost – giving the industry a level of acceptance over the last few years. In order to keep it, cloud companies need to deliver enterprise-grade service.