2014 State of Cloud Survey

Multi-clouds and hybrid clouds are on a rise, reports RightScale, and Westin and Equinix confirm via tour on July 9th

According to Bailey Caldwell, VP of Customer Success at RightScale, “Multicloud is an inevitable future. In every layer of IT infrastructure you are buying into ecosystem of providers. In the RightScale 2014 State of Cloud survey of more than 1,000 IT executives, 74 percent of enterprise respondents said they already have a multi-cloud strategy, and 48 percent are planning for hybrid clouds.”

“In the RightScale 2014 State of Cloud survey, we identify four categories of organizations based on their “cloud maturity”. On the low end, there is little time, experience, and automation with the cloud. On the high end, there is a depth of experience with multicloud, self-service portal, and full automation. Organizations start their journey as Cloud Beginners, then progress into Cloud Watchers, then Cloud Users, and many of them by choice become Cloud Focused. Companies also told us that the more they increase their cloud adoption, the more value they unlock.”

“Finally, somebody has to manage and simplify junk of complexity of the multicloud. Somebody has to do it, like RightScale. Some organizations attempt to build the self-service portals for multicloud, but RightScale does it better.”

Nuvalo believes that companies of all stages of multi-cloud maturity can consider RightScale as management service, and invites IT professionals to evaluate the Seattle datacenters Westin and Equinix as their prospective providers during a datacenter tour that Nuvalo organizes on July 9th.

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