Gartner predicts that the public cloud market will reach $204B this year, which is up from last year’s $175B. So the argument for moving business to public cloud is a strong one.

However, the perception of public cloud is shrouded by some question as to its feasibility for business. Some of the myths about public cloud are that it is disruptive, less secure than private cloud and its returns difficult to quantify.

Let’s begin with the first, most pervasive misconception about public cloud: migration is disrupting. Many IT leaders perceive public cloud migration to be black or white, an all-or-nothing proposition, when in reality it is not. Moving all workflows and applications to the cloud at once naturally seems risky, fraught with peril and potentially costly.

In reality, public cloud migration should happen methodically, making the process less risky. By taking a measured, hybrid approach – with a combination of public, private and existing infrastructure – organizations can control the factors and pace at which migration occurs. This type of hybrid strategy avails companies to the benefits of cloud. For example, an application can be run on public or private cloud while pulling data from a secure, internal server.

As a cloud migration advisor, Nuvalo can help customers simplify migrations by discovering and planning how to move workloads in and out of cloud environments to best maximize cost and efficiencies. We help clients choose the right tools and cloud providers to maximize cloud ROI.

At its best, cloud was designed to streamline and simplify business. By leveraging our expertise in hybrid cloud strategies, the process of migration, which may seem intimidating, especially for the large enterprise, can be demystified and relatively straightforward.

In our next blog post, we will delve into myth #2: public cloud is not secure.

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